Social Dinner Wednesday, November 15

Time:             18:30 -20:30
Venue:          Rex Umeå , please use the main entrance from the square.
Dress code: Business casual

We look forward to this social evening with food and beverages for all participants! 
In contrast from a traditional sit-down dinner we invite you to a mingle evening spread throughout Rex, Umeå's beautiful old Town Hall. Guests will receive a badge upon arrival with tickets that are checked off at each food station.  We hope this will provide the MIRAI attendees with a chance for further interaction and networking in a relaxed, fun environment. After dinner you're welcome to stay later and check out Rex's beer cellar with an impressively large selection of beers from around the world. 
A brief history of Rex
Rådhustorget has been Umeå's center since the 17th century. In 1888, Umeå suffered a devastating fire. The old Town Hall was one of many buildings that fell victim to the flames. After the fire, Rådhusesplanden was built. The town hall, which was completed in 1892, was designed by F.O Lindström, the city's first city architect. With its representative exterior, it is connected to Dutch Renaissance style. It was said to be the new Umeå's resurrection from the rubble of the old.
When the city was rebuilt after the fire, the river was still the most important line of communication. This is why all the buildings in the center face the water, and so does the Town Hall. Before the inauguration of the railway station a few years later, a royal visit was expected, which resulted in providing the Town Hall with yet another "front", the one that today faces the town hall square.
From the beginning, the Town Hall housed the judiciary, police & prosecutors, telegraph station, post office, and auction house. Today the Town Hall's facilities house several restaurants, conference rooms, a night club, and a ceremony room.