MIRAI 2.0 R&I Week 2023 

Advanced electrolyte materials for energy storage and conversion

Masahiro Yoshizawa-Fujita
Solid polymer electrolytes, Organic ionic plastic crystals, Rechargeable batteries, Perovskite solar cells, Light-emitting electrochemical cells
Short workshop abstract:
The growing global demand for energy has led to the active development of efficient energy generation and storage technologies, driving the development of electrochemical devices such as high-energy density rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells. One of the essential materials for the development of high-performance electrochemical devices is the electrolyte. Flammable electrolyte solutions are used, causing problems such as leakage and ignition incidents. It would be significant if the electrolyte could be replaced with a solid electrolyte, as this would eliminate these problems. In addition, with the increasing size of electrochemical devices, there is a societal demand for safer electrochemical devices, and the development of high-performance solid electrolytes is becoming more active. Researchers from Uppsala University, Hokkaido University, and Sophia University have been working on the development of novel solid polymer electrolytes for energy storage devices by promoting collaborative research. The advanced electrolyte materials we have developed are expected to be applicable not only to energy storage devices but also to solar cells and light-emitting devices. In this workshop, we will discuss the further development of electrolyte materials and the progress of energy and light-emitting devices utilizing these electrolyte materials.