MIRAI 2.0 R&I Week 2023 

Ageing-sustainability: Creating sustainable societies with an ageing population
- which are the challenges and the resolutions?

Organizer:TEG ageing and TEG sustainability
Community-based management, resilience, SDGs for healthy ageing, vulnerability.
Short workshop abstract:
By featuring a transdisciplinary discussion on challenges and resolutions for sustainable
societies in an ageing population, this workshop will aim to facilitate a transdisciplinary
understanding on this topic. A few examples of aspects that may be discussed include, inclusive and resilient societies, demographic changes in ageing population, inequalities, poverty, climate, migration, consumption, health, food and water. 
The purpose of this workshop is treefold. The first goal is to inspire to identify ideas/challenges which can be solved by the joint effort of researchers from the MIRAI2.0 research communities. The second goal is to facilitate the establishment of groupings/teams of researchers who can take on a chosen challenge/research idea and the third goal is to demonstrate the need to take new initiatives within Mirai.