MIRAI 2.0 R&I Week 2023 

How can the health care services better prepare for vulnerable population in community? What is community resilience in a time of climate change?

Kako Mayumi
Community, resilience, health, vulnerable people, nursing
Short workshop abstract:
We are in the era of disasters. Both Japan and Sweden have been experiencing the rapidly increasing of aging population. Increase of aging population impacts on the medical expenses within the national budget. The cost for treatment at acute institutions is the focus to reduce the medical expenditures at the acute setting medical institutions. As a result, the duration of the hospital stay has been shortening and the treatment and care have been provided in community more ever. This shift from institutionalization to community-based care is common to both country of Sweden and Japan. However, such a shift requires new strategies to protect the wellbeing of elderly and other vulnerable groups in the community during a disaster or crises. In this workshop, challenges related to the shift from institutionalization to community-based care and community resilience in times of disasters or crises will be identified and discussed. Shared challenges, potential solutions, and research questions for future Japanese- Swedish research collaborations will be elaborated on. The workshop will start from a nursing perspective, but highly welcome interdisciplinary initiatives and participating.