MIRAI 2.0 R&I Week 2023 

Promoting research integrity in transdisciplinary and international collaborative research between Sweden and Japan – Conceptualization, challenges, and ways forward

Takehito Kamata, Assistant Professor by Special Appointment, Sophia University
Research integrity, Transdisciplinary research, International collaborative research, Administrative collaboration,
Collaborative innovation
Short workshop abstract:
The workshop intends to provide opportunities to MIRAI members to learn the primary differences and
commonalities of research integrity between Sweden and Japan. The concepts of transdisciplinary and
international collaborative research will be introduced to help researchers and professionals communicate
effectively to share ideas and define shared responsibilities in their transdisciplinary and international research
collaborations. This workshop is designated for researchers (established, middle-career, and early-career) to start
preparing for upcoming basic or applied international collaborative research in all academic disciplines ranging
from the humanities and the social sciences to the natural sciences.
Understanding the concepts of research integrity, transdisciplinary research, and international collaborative
research will be also crucial to keep refining current and upcoming research collaborations for early-career
researchers. In particular, researchers should focus on sharing various knowledge and skills in pursuing
collaborative research opportunities with researchers around the world. In addition, administrative professionals,
institutional officials, research administration personnel, funding agency staff, and other stakeholders need to work
together to create more coordinated research infrastructure between Sweden and Japan.
Sharing relevant information and knowledge on research integrity, transdisciplinary research, and international
collaborative research will significantly influence how graduate students are trained, how early-career researchers
understand their commitments and responsibilities, and how researchers will facilitate more productive
international research collaborations. The workshop participants will have engaged discussions and understand
how to modify the existing MIRAI research support structure to respond to the needs of researchers in our five