MIRAI 2.0 R&I Week 2023 

Tuesday, November 14

9:00 - 11.30     Parallel workshops


Room 3
NAT.D.220, Natural Science building

5 Presentations:

Sustainable orthopedics solutions from 3D printed Wood Plastics Composites

Professor Magnus LESTELIUS, Karlstad University, Sweden

Environmental Sustainability Evaluation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Ecological footprint, Energy Consumption and Environmental Degradation

PhD student Josephine Andrea NIANGUE, Sophia University, Japan

Development of the Framework for Transformative Change through Introduction of Sustainable Tourism in Mauritius

PHD Student, Koji MIWA, University of Tokyo, Japan

An Urban ‘Age of Timber’? Tensions and contradictions in the low-carbon imaginary of the urban bioeconomy

Associate Senior Lecturer Bregje van VEELEN, Lund University

Perovskite solar cells toward commercialisation

PhD student Ilhem Nadia RABEHI, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan


Room 1
BET.E.109, Behavioural Science building

Presentations:Older adults’ occupations in heat waves

Susanne Gustafsson, Associate Professor, Jönköping University

AI Analysis of Health Checkup Data for Risk Assessment and Prevention of Dementia in Elderly People

Kaoru Sakatani, Project Researcher (Former Project Professor), The University of Tokyo

Implementation of high-intensity training programs adapted for Japanese and Swedish older individuals

Jennifer Frankel, PhD, Umeå University, Hiroaki Nakashima, Associate Professor, Nagoya University

Examining the Effects of Partial Retirement on Joint Retirement Decisions: Evidence from Sweden

Alireza Khoshghadam, PhD student, Jönköping University

Proteomic signature of Ageing immunity: Ageing CD4 T cell proteome, glycolysis and immune activation

Rajkumar Singh Kalra, Staff Scientist, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

Spatial metabolic mapping of the ageing brain with mass spectrometry imaging

Theodosia Vallianatou, PhD, Uppsala University

Making use of data generated by welfare technologies - for safety and efficiency in elderly care

Ella Kolkowska, Associate Professor, Örebro UniversityShang Gao, Associate Professor, Örebro University



Room 1
NAT.D.380, Natural Science building

Introduction - motivation
Implications of AI (60 minutes)

  • FAIR requirements of AI
    (Stefan L)

  • Open science

  • Chat-GPT – opportunities and limitations

Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of AI and Technology (ELSAI) (60 minutes)
Short high-level presentations of the different perspectives (5 minutes, each)

  • Society

  • Legal

  • Business

  • Tech

  • Any other presentations for 5 minutes

Panel discussion and open discussion (Moderator: Marcus Liwicki, LTU)


Room 2
NAT.D.400, Natural Science building

 AI in Biomedicine and Health

Presentation:AI-Based Neurosurgical Support and Prediction of Postoperative Complications

Yutaro Fuse, Nagoya University, PhD Student. (20min + questions)

Sparse PET: Restoring incomplete measurements with deep learning

Klara Leffler, Umeå University, PhD Student.(20min + questions)

Human Activity Recognition for Daily Life

Francisco Calatrava, Örebro University, PhD student (20min + questions)

 Discussion forum/ group discussions on the topics

IEAG presentation session

Room 1
BET.F.108 Behavioural Science building

Presentations: How orchestrators facilitate ecosystem emergence: Technological and institutional experimentation in digital sectoral transformation

Associate Professor Henry Lopez-Vega, Umeå University

 Model Development and Data Analysis for Business Idea Generation Process on Entrepreneurship Education: Case from the GTIE Gap Fund Program

Professor Tomomi Kito, Waseda University

 Women Entrepreneurs Doing and Undoing their Motherhood

Associate Professor Magdalena Markowska, Umeå University "External Enablement of Social Entrepreneurship",

Postdoctoral Researcher Meurer, (Marie) Madeleine, Jönköping University

The relationship between entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial intentions. (A doctoral student's experience with entrepreneurship education and his business plan)

Professor Yukiko Konishi, Startup Promotion Office, Nagoya University  

Doctoral Student Sena Hoshino,  Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University

External Enablement of Social Entrepreneurship

Postdoctoral researcher Madeleine (Marie) Meurer, Jönköping University

Professor Per Davidsson, Jönköping International Business School

Material sciences session

Room 1
NAT.D.300, Natural Science building

Use of large scale facilities:


Max Lab

Olof Karis, Uppsala University

Structural Analysis by Synchrotron X-ray Radiation

Satoru Yoshioka, Kyushu University


Masatoshi Arai, ESS

Advanced Neutron Optics for Neutron Sources

Masaaki Kitaguchi, Nagoya University