MIRAI 2.0 R&I Week 2023 

Tuesday, November 14

13:00 - 15.00     Parallel workshops


Room 3
NAT.D.220, Natural Science building


Toward sustainable and responsible production (concept,challenges and future work)
PhD student Melina ETTEHAD, Jönköping University

Prospective sustainability assessment for life cycle designing of innovative concepts and technologies
Postdoc John Laurence ESGUERRA, Linköping University;

On the suitability of action plans for facilitating urban climate change adaptation and mitigation: An analysis of 257 plans worldwide
PhD student Prince Dacosta ABOAGYE, Hiroshima University

Investigating the Effects of Higher Education on Environmental Values: A Cross-Country Study in EuropePhD student Ana Carolina PENHA, Luleå University

The mitigation of negative environmental impacts
Associate Professor Natalia BERG, Linneaus University


Room 1
BET.E.109, Behavioural Science building


Core competencies for serious illness conversations: findings from an integrative systematic review

Susanna Pusa, PhD, Linnaeus University

''TOMOSODACHI (growing up together)” between children and the elderly at nursery school

Miyoshi Shirota, PhD, Waseda University

Hospital clinician's experience of implementation of Serious Illness Care Program (SIPC) with a focus on conversation training – A qualitative study

Lisa Granat, PhD student, Linnaeus University

The relationship between time discounting and gambling behavior: Profound implications for the Japanese elderly

Trinh Nguyen, PhD, Hiroshima University

Discussion & short break

Striving for partnership: Informal caregivers’ experiences of support from a tailored primary health care unit

Ulrika Westerling, PhD student, Örebro University

Caring mealtime environments in nursing homes

Magdalena Nielsen, PhD student, Linnaeus University


Room 2
BET.E.101, Behavioural Science building

Creating safe interactions for LGBTQ older adults in health-care settings

Anna Bratt, Associate Professor, Phd, Linnaeus University,

Yoshihisa Hirakawa, Professor, Nagoya University (visiting faculty)

Tsukasa Muraya, Associate Professor, Chikushijogakuen University

Ann-Christine Petersson Hjelm, JD, Uppsala University

Matilda Wurm, PhD, Örebro University


Older LGBTQ people’s experiences of quality of life, minority joy, resilience, minority stress, discrimination, and stigmatization in Japan and Sweden.

Ann-Christine Hjelm, JD, Uppsala University.


Room 1
NAT.D.380, Natural Science building

Legal, moral, ethical and business aspects of AI (20 min + questions)

Can the use of privacy-enhancing technologies enable federated learning for health data applications in a Swedish regulatory context?

Rickard Nakamura Brännvall, Luleå University of Technology, PhD student. 

 The Admissibility of AI Evidence in a Criminal Trial: Toward Appropriate and Effective Use of AI

Yuto Yokoyama, Hiroshima University, PhD student. 
(20 min 
+ questions)

Preliminary Results of Perception(s) of AI and robotics in Sweden and Japan

Laetitia Tanqueray, Lund University, PhD student; Stefan Larsson, Lund University, Associate Professor. 
(20 min 
+ questions)

Discussion forum/group discussions on the topic


Room 2
NAT.D.400, Natural Science building

Chair of the session: Professor Ogata, Waseda University

Bridging LLM and Embodied AI, Tetsuya Ogata, Professor, Waseda University (10 min, plus questions)

TEG-AI Parallel Session 1 Presentations: (20 min + questions)

Theoretical Aspects of AI

Stabilizers for the stochastic gradient descent method with application in deep learning

Siyang Wang, Assistant Professor, Umeå University; Yoshinari Takeishi, Assistant Professor, Kyushu University; Jun'ichi Takeuchi, professor, Kyushu University.

 TEG-AI Parallel Session 4

Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0

 The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Transformation of Manufacturing SMEs

Einav Peretz-Andersson, Jönköping University, PhD Student. 

 Discussion forum/group discussions on the topics


Material Sciences 

Room 1
NAT.D.270, Natural Science building

Theme: The role of materials for sustainability.


Fluorescent Carbon Dots from Birch Leaves for Sustainable Electroluminescent Devices

Jia Wang, Umeå University

Synthesis and function of Helical capsule polymers

Koki Hamada, Hiroshima University

Graphene MesoSponge: A novel carbon material for extended battery lifespan

Hirotomo Nishihara, Tohoku University

Dynamic Behavior of Intermediate Adsorbates to Control Activity and Product Selectivity in Heterogeneous Catalysis: Methanol Decomposition on Pt/TiO2(110)

Satoru Takakusagi, Hokkaido University

High-resolution observation of polymeric materials using scanning transmission electron microscopy

Tomohiro Miyata, Tohoku University

Architectured materials for mechanical coupling and tuned anisotropic elasticity

Mahmoud Mousavi, Uppsala University

Perovskite Solar Cells

Toshinori Matsushima, Kyushu University

Improving the Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells

Feng Wang, Linköping University